Healthy, Small, A2A2 Mini Jersey Cattle


Half’n’Half Cattle Company combines with RRR’s legacy offering almost 30 combined yrs of breeding and experience. Here we specialize in Miniature Jersey cows that have great udders, great milking traits, and small statures that do well on pasture. From these cows come the best bulls available today. We offer semen from several excellent, small, non-chondro, disease-tested and cleared A2A2 bulls.

Our Famous Mini Jerseys

Mini Jerseys from our RRR lines have been featured and/or purchased by:


About Our Cattle Ranch

Raising a family & helping others achieve their milk cow dreams

Family owned and entirely family run, our focus at Half’n’Half Cattle Company is raising well bred, well socialized, mini milk cows that stand the test of time, while providing the nation with semen from the highest quality bulls so we can all continue to better the Miniature Jersey breed.

Whether you’re looking for a beautiful pet for your yard, a reliable mini milk cow for your family, or some straws to bring in new genetics for your herd – we are here to help you find the best fit for your farm!


Dot, a Rocking Robin Ranch cow, is shown at the Phoenix Zoo. Dot is one of two RRR cattle purchased by the Phoenix Zoo in 2017.

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Purchase semen from several different Miniature Jersey and micro breed bulls. All our bulls are beautiful, healthy, and disease-free, and semen straws are available in singles or bundles. Shipping around the USA and Canada!