Bridgette Johnson and some wee beasties

Where small things bring the biggest joy

How it all started

Our farm started back in 2016 as a lifestyle change for our young daughters who were two and one. I knew the minute we moved into our “forever” home in super suburbia Lehi UT that this wasn’t what I wanted. I had lived many different lives growing up and one of these was a farm life. Suddenly, sitting in my 0.01-acre backyard with our two little wigglers I knew this wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted land, room to roam, and animals my girls could grow with.

So, six months after we moved into our new home, we were moving again – this time to 1.5 acres in Springville UT. Our farm started with five Nigerian Dwarf goats and pretty quickly my all-or-nothing personality had us 40 goats deep with barn plans and a goal to be a grade A dairy. After a life changing loss in 2020, our focus shifted. We sold the goats and entered the world of Mini Jersey cows. I have always loved cows (I mean, look at those noses and giant doe eyes!) and the timing was right. We brought home our first heifer, Lollipop, and shortly later our first milk cow, Rosie.

Since we had been in the raw dairy world for several years already, the transition to cows was natural. In 2022, we moved our farm to the island of Hawai’i where we now raise Mini Jerseys (shipping to the mainland and the other islands) and host a vacation retreat called Moo Casa on our farm (you can literally sleep in our barn). In 2024 my dear friend and mentor Robyn of Rocking Robins Ranch told us to continue her work raising and collecting exceptional mini and micro bull semen for the world to use in their breeding programs. We keep the bulk of our semen stored in UT so that it can affordably be shipped around the US and Canada.

We LOVE Mini Jerseys and are passionate about them as the perfect homestead cows. We dream of a world where everyone has their own mini family milk cow. Our breeding program specializes in cows that have large teats for hand-milking, sturdy genetics that do well living mostly on pasture, A2/A2 protein for easy digestion, and polled genetics for family friendly handling – all in a perfectly small package.

Our passion for the breed and for the benefits of raw local milk leads us to offer many farm tours and milking classes. So whether you are meeting us with the hopes of one day buying a cow – looking to purchase semen from the perfect bull pairing for your cow – learning how to milk or about the benefits of raw milk – or if you’re staying at Moo Casa on vacation and just wanting to enjoy some cows in paradise – we look forward to getting to know you and sharing our love of Mini Jerseys with you!

About Our Cattle

Mini Jersey cattle are known around the world by several names: Old World Jerseys, Guinea Jerseys, Rabbit-Eyed Jerseys, Lessor Jerseys, and Barnyard Jerseys, to name a few. But we just like to call them “our little dream cows.”

A diverse terrain of over 60 acres means our herd is able to move about freely and feed on a natural, free-range diet of high desert plants, herbs, hay, grasses, and dense brush. The result is an optimal muscle growth, bone structure, and healthy feet. We breed for easy keepers so they must be able to thrive in nature, and being bred right for this is crucial. This provides us—and you!—with able-bodied, healthy, and long-living cattle.

After decades of hard work, research, and dedication to the animals, we have mastered the art and science of producing excellent A2A2 Mini Jersey cows, calves, and herd sires. With a strong sense of conviction about the responsibilities of breeders, we pride ourselves in growing vigorous, healthy, amazing cattle that thrive as nature intended.

We love these animals, and that’s why we breed with the future in mind and a complete picture of health from the start.

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