Robyn Hutchison and husband John (not pictured) have owned Rocking Robin Ranch in Prescott’s Granite Boulder Mountains for over 20 years.

About Us

Mini Jersey cattle breeding in Prescott, Arizona for over 20 years.

About Our ranch

The Rocking Robin Ranch is owned by husband-and-wife team John and Robyn Hutchison and is located in lovely old town Prescott, Arizona, U.S.A. The ranch is nestled in Prescott’s beautiful Granite Dells in the center of the Yavapai National forest. A completely off-the-grid homestead, the Rocking Robin Ranch homestead is not connected to power lines but instead is powered by solar and wind, and gets its water from our own private wells.

We have an intense respect and love for the land, for history, and our grandparents’ efforts and wisdom. We believe it’s vitally important for the children growing up around us to cultivate a love and respect for nature, as well as the ability to care for oneself kindly, responsibly, and sustainably. We’ve dedicated our lives to a way of living that is grounded in a love of nature, a respect for the land, and pride in being self-sufficient. Our aim is to help and empower others to live their best life by living the example.


Rocking Robin Ranch owners John & Robyn Hutchison (far R) and family.

About Our Cattle

Mini Jersey cattle are known around the world by several names: Old World Jerseys, Guinea Jerseys, Rabbit-Eyed Jerseys, Lessor Jerseys, and Barnyard Jerseys, to name a few. But we just like to call them “our little dream cows.”

A diverse terrain of over 60 acres means our herd is able to move about freely and feed on a natural, free-range diet of high desert plants, herbs, hay, grasses, and dense brush. The result is an optimal muscle growth, bone structure, and healthy feet. We breed for easy keepers so they must be able to thrive in nature, and being bred right for this is crucial. This provides us—and you!—with able-bodied, healthy, and long-living cattle.

After decades of hard work, research, and dedication to the animals, we have mastered the art and science of producing excellent A2A2 Mini Jersey cows, calves, and herd sires. With a strong sense of conviction about the responsibilities of breeders, we pride ourselves in growing vigorous, healthy, amazing cattle that thrive as nature intended.

We love these animals, and that’s why we breed with the future in mind and a complete picture of health from the start.

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